Areca Leaf Plates

We are manufacturers from Indonesia, and you can order all sizes and shapes of areca leaf plates at wholesale prices.

Fully customized and available in any plates size.

Areca Leaf Plates is here to reduce the use of plastic waste. The fact is that many of us still use single-use items, plastic packaging products and there is no concern to start recycling

What Are Areca Leaf Plate

Areca nut plates are a substitute for disposable plastic plates as food containers. made from dried areca leaf then printed using a hot press machine. Areca leaf plates will decompose in landfills.

Areca Leaf Plate how it's Made

Areca leaf plate is made by hot press machine by areca leaf plate manufacturer. Areca leaves obtained from betel nut farmers in Indonesia are then processed into areca leaf plates.

Areca Leaf Plates Advantages

When the innovation of areca nut plates is developed, farmers benefit. They do not have to clean the plantation area from the fronds that fall and pollute the garden daily.

The concept of the areca leaf plate is not for one-time use. That is, this plate can be used repeatedly up to a maximum of 8 times. Therefore, the areca leaf plates can shift the position of the styrofoam.

Plates that are marketed are now available in various sizes and shapes. Some are rectangular, and some are round in different diameters.

This innovation of areca leaf plates has increased people's income, especially amid various restrictions related to overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Collection Areca Leaf Plates

Rounded Areca Leaf Plate - 6 Inch
Circle Areca Leaf Plate - 7 Inch
Circle Areca Leaf Bowl - 7 Inch
Rectangle Areca Leaf Plate - 6x9 Inch
Rectangle Areca Leaf Plate - 6x8 Inch
Circle Areca Leaf Bowl - 7 Inch

How We Made Areca Leaf Plates

The manufacturing process for Areca Palm Leaf Plates requires harvesting fallen areca tree leaves from the tops of tall trees. This natural material is then combined with a byproduct from another natural resource selected due to its suitability as a finishing agent for Areca palm leaf plates. The final product is then packed and shipped to the various customer departments.

There are different manufacturing methods used for Areca Leaf plates. The most preferred production procedure is by using the Areca palm leaf plates without any coating or varnish. The Areca leaves are handpicked and washed thoroughly in hot water using detergents and then dried with a soft cloth. The manufacturing process allows the manufacturers to create as many as thousands of different designs.

The next step in the manufacturing process is to split the leaves to create twenty-two pieces which are then dried even more. These twenty-two evenly sized leaves are then weighed so that each plate can be manufactured to the correct standard. Once the plates have been manufactured, they are supplied to the customers for use in their respective applications. The manufacturing process for disposable Areca palm leaf plates is straightforward because the leaves are collected once and then thrown away after use.

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