6 Excellent Types of Betel Nuts That Come From Indonesia

In Indonesia, there are at least 6 different types of betel nuts planted by the farmers. Each betel nut type has a different quality. Actually, betel nut plants can be found in some other countries in Asia and Europe. But the best varieties can be found only in Indonesia. Each country has its own betel nut varieties. India, for example, has Mangala betel nuts, Samruthi betel nuts, and Srimangala betel nuts. Indonesia also has some best varieties of betel nuts. The trees of betel nuts can grow properly in many areas in Indonesia.

6 Types of Betel Nuts from Indonesia

The very first type of the best betel nut from Indonesia is Betara betel nut, followed by Bulawan betel nut, Irian betel nut, Blue betel nut, Coconut betel nut, and finally King betel nut. Check out the entire types of them below.

  • Betara betel nut

Betara is well known as the best variety of betel nuts in Indonesia. The trees of betel nut type grow well in Jambi. The size of Betara betel nut trees is taller and bigger compared to the other betel nut trees. In four to five years, the trees will start producing the best types of betel nuts.

Then in six to seven years, the fruits will be ready to harvest. Each fruit’s weight reached 47 grams and there will be at least 130 fruits from each tree. The height of a well grown Betara betel nut tree can reach up to 10.28 meters.

  • Bulawan betel nut

Another betel nut variety came from North Sulawesi, a province in Sulawesi Island in Indonesia. The size of Bulawan betel nut fruits is big enough and they all contain high tannin levels. The Bulawan types of betel nuts are pricier than the other types.

This type of Indonesian betel nut is usually exported to some other countries around the world. Japan is one of the highest importers for this betel nut type.

  • Irian betel nut

The third type of Indonesian betel nut came from Irian Jaya. The height of these betel nut trees can reach four to five meters. Unlike the previous betel nuts, this type of Indonesian betel nut berries have oval shape. Today, Irian betel nut trees can be found anywhere in Indonesia.

  • Blue betel nut

The other types of betel nuts are known as Blue betel nuts. Unfortunately, the fruits’ color is not blue but reddish brown. The trees can reach five to six meters tall. The trees of Blue betel nuts produce yellowish white flowers.

  • Coconut betel nut

Just like Bulawan, the Coconut betel nut trees were found in Sulawesi. But now you can find these betel nut trees in many islands in Indonesia. People use Coconut betel nut trees to decorate their exterior. This betel nut tree has a similar look to a coconut tree.

  • King betel nut

Is also known as red betel nut. The first King betel nut trees in Indonesia grew in Sumatra Island. The trees produce oval shaped fruits that are 1 cm long. The diameter of the fruits is only 6 mm.

You can find betel nut trees in almost all islands in Indonesia. The types of betel nuts vary, depending on the characteristics shown by the trees. You can get Indonesian’s best betel nut from Abizar Farm. First Leading Spices and betel nut supplier in Indonesia!