What Are Betel Nuts and Their 2 Benefits for Health

What are betel nuts? Betel nuts have some other names, probably you know it by one of its other names. Betel nuts are also known as areca catechu, areca nut, areca palm, supari, and pinang palm. The nuts are taken from the plants. The plant that produces betel nut is called areca plant. Betel nuts that are harvested from the trees will be processed and used to make some medicines. However, some people chew the betel nut after mixing it with tobacco and slaked lime that are piper betel or betel vine leaf.

What Are Betel Nuts and Their Benefits

Betel nuts are used to treat schizophrenia or a mental disorder. The nuts are also helpful to treat glaucoma, an eye disorder. The nuts can also be used as a digestive aid and as a mild stimulant. Some people even use betel nuts as their recreational drug.

Betel nuts are used as a recreational drug since this nut can speed up the CNS or central nervous system. Betel nuts are also helpful for veterinary medicine. The extract of betel nuts can be used to expel the tapeworms in some animals like horses, cattle, and dogs. Betel nuts can also help empty the animals’ bowels and treat some intestinal colic that appears in horses.

What Are Betel Nuts and How Do They Work

It is thought that betel nuts are able to affect the chemicals that are found in the brain as well as in the other parts of the CNS or central nervous system. How do nuts help people with some conditions like schizophrenia and stroke?

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  • Schizophrenia

Early research shows that betel nuts can be helpful for people who suffer from schizophrenia. Some schizophrenia patients who chew the area nut seem to have lower severe schizophrenia symptoms.

  • Stroke

What are betel nuts’ benefits for stroke? Another early research shows that patients with stroke who take a solution that contains the extract of betel night can improve the strength, bladder, and speech function.

Betel Nuts Are Used to Make Medications

Chewing betel nuts is dangerous for health and even can cause death. But it doesn’t mean betel nuts cannot be used. There are some medications that involve betel nuts in the making. What are betel nuts’ medications that are safe for people?

  • Drying medications like anticholinergic drugs

Betel nuts have some chemical compounds that may affect the heart and brain. Some other drying medications are also able to affect the heart and brain of the users. However, betel nut can work in a different way since it can decrease some effects that are caused by the drying medications.

It is highly recommended to talk with your doctor first before you start using betel nuts for any medication.

  • Medications for the disease of Alzheimer

Betel nuts are able to increase some specific chemicals in the heart, brain, and elsewhere in human’s body. Some other Alzheimer medications also affect the same chemicals. Taking the Alzheimer medications along with betel nuts is not recommended since they can increase the medications’ effects.

What are betel nuts? Betel nuts are useful nuts if they are used properly and moderately, under the surveillance of the health provider.

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